MyQ has been quite a pain in the side for a lot of people as of late and it's mainly due to the fact that they're just not willing to work with the integrations world.

they are building an inclusive opening and closing network with their own software however most drivers ran by control4 are no more than an iPad emulation app using unauthorized methods to gain access to the MyQ Network.

To compound the matter is the MyQ control4 driver uses a technique called polling.

This system is basically a knock on the door every 5 minutes asking the MyQ server if the garage is opened or closed.

As a driver became more popular more knocks on the MyQ server became more apparent. As a server administrator I can only understand why they are going the route to redoing their application.

they're introducing an entirely new application platform except it's all the same just for the new name they probably modified a few handful of entities to prevent server polling. And do these changes when their legacy application gets shut down so doess the myQ drivers that are current.

The vast difference between 3rd party supported drivers and third-party unsupported drivers is the execution model. Not all third-party drivers should be shamed.

The MyQ driver is a third-party Creator not asking the origin server ( MyQ ) if it has permission to connect and monkey with their database.

A proper symbiotic relationship should be of both parties agreed to work together and this does happen for a lot of drivers a good example of this is the ring driver.

However currently when you have this discord between two companies it creates unstable and unpredictable solutions.

and yet while this driver is currently working we don't know for how longbut we do know is that there are other options that are more stable and will last the test of time.

Control4 made a rather smart move recently by purchasing the innovative NEEO remote that was seen at Cedia 2018. For a long time NEEO attempted to position itself as the contender against the harmony remote. But as they nestled up against the big dogs like control4 the more they realized the power the remote had in the environment.

With the combined power of the NEEO and the CONTROL4 system we should see an amazing shift in the system in the next year.

So I've been working rather hard on something better and new for command 4 as it felt the old site was really me building a !@$# show stacked on top of a large fire. I felt i needed badly to run command 4 on my CMS platform of 13 years in the making.

Now things will move a lot quicker and the community here I hope will grow into a format of helpful and kind people.

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