Control4 made a rather smart move recently by purchasing the innovative NEEO remote that was seen at Cedia 2018. For a long time NEEO attempted to position itself as the contender against the harmony remote. But as they nestled up against the big dogs like control4 the more they realized the power the remote had in the environment.

With the combined power of the NEEO and the CONTROL4 system we should see an amazing shift in the system in the next year.

So I've been working rather hard on something better and new for command 4 as it felt the old site was really me building a !@$# show stacked on top of a large fire. I felt i needed badly to run command 4 on my CMS platform of 13 years in the making.

Now things will move a lot quicker and the community here I hope will grow into a format of helpful and kind people.

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